Resisting Polarization in Our Community (Part 2)


In my previous post, I listed a number of tools we have discovered for resisting polarization on social media. In that search, we also came across a number of other groups and resources that seem to have similar goals, but are less interested in online spaces. As before, we are not associated with any of these groups, but like to think of this blog, with its aim to provide thoughtful, respectful, and nonpartisan (though admittedly somewhat conservative) commentary about contemporary issues, as very much aligned with their work. Check them out, and let us know what you think. And if you are aware of any other groups doing this kind of work, please let us know. 

Tool Description Strategy

Bubble Quiz


Users take a quiz that assesses the “thickness” of their bubble (i.e. how closely their social network and lived experience corresponds with “mainstream America”).

Make new upper class aware of their distance from others.

Partisan Writing You Shouldn’t Miss 


Compiles high-quality articles from the left, right, and center, which are shared in weekly newsletter (link to a recent one)

Expose readers to quality opinions from multiple perspectives

Asteroid’s Club

The Asteroids Club

Model for “non-debate” groups to find common ground by discussing common threats, which may be differentially apparent to opposing sides of the aisle

“Common threats make common ground.”

Living Room Conversations

The Village Square Tallahassee Living Room Conversations

Format for holding small-scale “transpartisan” conversations in intimate settings.

Get people together and help them listen and talk to each other.

Better Angels

better angels

Encourage mutual understanding and empathy by hosting and moderating conversations between people of opposing political perspectives.

Get people together and help them listen and talk to each other.

Bridge Alliance

Bridge Alliance

Coalition of nonpartisan groups seeking to increase civility and collaboration across political divides.

Provide structure and funding for uniting small-scale groups for greater collective impact.

Hi From the Other Side

Hi From The Other Side

Connects people from opposing parties and encourages them to meet by (virtually or in person) and talk over a coffee. They also provide a “conversation guide.”

Get people together and help them listen and talk to each other. One-on-one conversations are where it all starts.



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