About us

We’re conservatives with liberal friends.

Although we think that tagline captures a big part of who we are, we were a bit hesitant about it for two reasons: We’re actually quite moderate on a lot of issues, and we don’t write exclusively about politics.

This isn’t a blog about how great Ronald Reagan was, and it’s not about how to talk with your liberal friends in order to change their minds. Although we tend to lean conservative, for whatever reason, we seem to gravitate toward more liberal friends. We respect and admire many of these progressive people and their projects, and we’re frustrated with the polarization in our politics. Sometimes we write about that.

But we write about other stuff too. We’re brothers who all got married within two years of each other. Our wives are amazing (and sometimes write for the blog). We’re starting to have children. We’re all practicing (i.e. “active”) Mormons. We like good movies and great literature. We grew up playing soccer, but mostly play Wallyball now. We have advanced degrees in English, Law, and Education. Sometimes our blog posts simply reflect that which currently strikes us as interesting or important -something like our own personal TED talks: ideas [we consider] worth sharing.

We hope you find something worth sharing here, whether you lean more to the right or to the left. Our goal is to write about ideas that matter in a way that is thoughtful and civil. If you like what you find here, please follow us, like our Facebook page, and share our posts.

A Closer Look

This is Brian and Dia—Brian is the oldest and probably the most philosophical. He graduated from BYU with an M.A. in English Literature and a J.D. He’s working as a lawyer in Colorado. Dia also writes for the Blog and she’s the designated hippie of the group. They have two adorable girls. For a sample of their posts, check out this one about breastfeeding in public and this one about sex.


This is the second oldest, David, who married Danielle. David may be the most friendly one of us-seriously everyone wants to be his friend. He is currently pursuing his PhD in education at Vanderbilt; he is among the world’s leading experts in the pedagogical implications of the transcontextual mobility of digital device-mediated literacy practices among adolescents. (The more you specialize, the faster you can call yourself an expert.) Danielle happens to be a concert pianist, but don’t tell her we told you. She runs a successful piano study in Nashville. Some of David’s most popular posts have to do with education and romance.


The youngest of the three is Josh who married Sarah. Josh does a lot of stuff: writing, woodwork, entrepreneurship. . . And Sarah is completing her Masters in English at NC State. She occasionally writes for the blog as well (see this post about missing the birth of her niece, for example).  Josh has made a splash in the blogosphere with posts about why marriage should be painful and what health insurance and the lottery have in common.


Stay Connected

We’re glad you visited our blog and we hope you’ll stay in touch: Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @BrothersSabey, and sign up for email updates. If you would like to reach out to us directly, email us at thebrotherssabey@gmail.com. We’d love to hear your ideas about topics we could address, stuff worth reading, and potential guest posts.

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